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Amin Farms is a fourth-generation grower and processor of pistachios that pioneered the growing, production, and marketing of Iranian Pistachios in the early 1900s. We recently joined Kourosh Pistachio Co., and our new partner is the major shareholder. There will be no changes in our products or in their quality of them, but we are having structural and strategic improvements in our company.
Kourosh Pistachio Co. was set up to export pistachios to the world. Our goal is to monitor pistachio from the farm to the final product, achieve Iran’s place in the international market and be a significant player in the pistachio market. To gain this aim, we have invested in the Amin Farms plant.
Amin Farms is one of the few pistachio processing plants which has developed its own well-defined and extensive quality specifications and grading standards to meet various market requirements. Amin Farms has the most modern pistachio lines, equipment, and laboratories in Iran and is the first pistachio processing plant that uses silos to store pistachios. History of over one hundred years of pistachio production, processing, and trade, and also owning over 2000 hectares of pistachio orchards in Iran, makes this complex one of the largest active ones in this field. Amin Farms has a farm-to-fork strategy for a fair, healthy, and environmentally friendly food system.
Amin Farms plant is located 30 km from Rafsanjan city (the main center of pistachio production in Iran) and has an area of 40,000 square meters and 400 employees.

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