Since 1940

Pistachio Producer and Exporter

The major player in the world Pistachio trade as well as a leading brand in domestic and international markets.


We are able to supply the customers' desired orders in all varieties, in shell and shelled, and all flavors in bulk packages.


We, in Amin Farms plant, own the largest and modernized pistachio processing complex with a qualified equipped laboratory.


In addition to export bulk packages for the wholesalers, packer and processor companies, our aim is to develop small packages in various.

Shipping Worldwide

Exporting since 1940 and enthusiastic to assist customers, We take title to the contracts and are responsible for its on-time delivery.

Type Of Products

Our pistachios has premium quality which is collected from the best orchards of Iran.

Some Facts

The most well-known Iranian Pistachio Trading Company in the world .
Amin Farms is a fourth generation grower and processor of pistachios who pioneered the growing, production and marketing of Iranian Pistachios since the early 1900. Amin Farms is one of the few Pistachio processing plants which has developed its own well defined and extensive quality specifications and grading standards to meet various market requirements. We have the most modern pistachio lines, equipments, and laboratories in Iran and are the first Pistachio processing plant that uses silos to store Pistachios. Our export office, Amin Padidar manages the sales and logistics of our pistachios to our customers all over the world. To learn more about our company and our products and a possibility of future partnership, please contact our sales office Amin Padidar.Our factory has an area of 40,000 square meters, and 2500 hectars of pistachio growing farms . We have a farm to fork strategy for a fair, healthy and environmentally- friendly food system.

24000 MT

Processing capacity

4500 MT


8000 MT

Storage space

word from CEO

Amin Padidar Company with more than seventy years of experience in the field of foreign trade of Iranian pistachios in 2020 joined Golrang Holding, Amin Padidar's rich experience in the field of world trade along with the young manpower of Golrang Holding is a very important Happening that can strengthen the position of Iranian pistachios in the international arena. The change in the structure of Amin Padidar Company and joining the Golrang Industrial Group has not made any change in the macro business policies of this company, and we will continue to export our products with the same quality and standards as before, as well as fulfilling our individual obligations to our customers.

Ali Qasemalizade

Ali Qasemalizade

Chief Executive Officer

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Amin Farms plays a leading role in Iran's pistachio market.

Amin Farms is the fourth-generation grower and processor of pistachios who pioneered the growing, producing and marketing of Iranian Pistachios since the early 1900’s. We have a farm to fork strategy for a fair, healthy and environmentally- friendly food system.

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