Due to our penetration among Iranian pistachio gardeners, having modern quality control facilities and relying on experience and knowledge of our experts, we are going to make right decisions in purchasing best quality Pistachios. Moreover, purchasing should be considered in addition to the production capacity of our plant. We are able to supply the customers' desired orders in all varieties, in shell and shelled. Also we can provide raw, roasted, salted and other flavors in bulk and different packages in cartons or poly plastic bags.


We, in Amin Farms plant -by the processing capacity of the complex is 12,000 tons of pistachios- hull, dry and process pistachios to present to the domestic and International markets and are proudly committed to highest standards in flavor, food safety and quality. Since the plant owns the largest, most pre-eminent and modernized pistachio processing complex with qualified equipped laboratory to control Aflatoxin, it delivers high quality pistachio to the foreign customers through GAP and GHP methods.


In addition to export bulk packages for the wholesalers, packer and processor companies, our aim is to develop small packages in various sizes to export our own brands. Besides we can provide private label for the customers.


Exporting since 1940 and enthusiastic to assist customers who are fond of Iranian pistachios. We take title to the contracts and are responsible for its on-time delivery. We assure contract performance to our suppliers and are a reliable commodity source for our customers. Our offices in Canada, USA, Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Russia, UAE, Kuwait and China complete our knowledge of the global market and help to have competitive and remarkable exports.

Amin Farms was joined Kourosh Farms to improve its services. Amin Farms is the fourth-generation grower and processor of pistachios who pioneered the growing, production and marketing of Iranian Pistachios since the early 1900’s. We have a farm to fork strategy for a fair, healthy and environmentally- friendly food system.

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  • Processing lines
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  • Worldwide Exporter
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